3 Delusions About SEO

Search engine optimization has been in use for a pretty long time. It has become so popular because the internet is growing at a rapid pace which also means that search engines are becoming more advanced. The past few years have seen a significant evolution in the art of ranking in the SERPs, or SEO as it is also known. When something grows to this proportion, there is a lot of false information that appears which you need to know about. Many of the stories associated with SEO appear to be quite real and frightening, but they are nothing more than myths. We will be debunking some of these myths in this article.

The notion that you have to build a page on your website that is specifically built for SEO in order to rank well is a myth that is often repeated. Any page can rank well in the search engines, as long as you know what you’re doing. There’s no need to create a special landing page for SEO purposes. You don’t need landing pages for organic search listings, unlike PPC, where they are necessary. Don’t worry about building a special landing page for visitors, simply have them land on your site’s home page or another important page. So if some of the pages on your site aren’t getting you traffic, it simply means you need to work on optimizing them better, rather than adding new ones. Just remember the reason why you use landing pages and what features your pages need to convert visitors into buyers. Another fallacy that many people fall for is that it is compulsory to have a Google Sitemap. Google offers a wide range of tools you can use and the Sitemap is simply one of these tools. If you build your site the right way and make it search engine friendly, there’s absolutely no need for you to have a Google Sitemap. It definitely doesn’t cause any harm to your site and may help you get indexed quicker, but that’s about it. If you have it be prepared for the fact that it won’t improve your rankings or have an effect on other SEO elements.

The amount of content you need on your site is the source of another myth. People think that they need a minimum number of words on their site to help boost their rank. But there is no real optimal number that you should use as far as your content goes. Wanting to optimize as many as 3 to 5 keywords was the source of this myth. A shorter copy can just as effective as a longer one.

Base your content length on the quality of information, as a short copy is as effective as a long one. You should not waste time trying to impress the search engines, especially if it ruins the meaning of your site. Good content is not determined by length so any length will work.

The myths we covered, while common, should not make your SEO efforts any harder than they already are. You must be aware of the truth so that you can focus your efforts in the correct direction when you start marketing sites with the search engines.

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